Yoga: Benefits, Intensity Level, and More

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How It Works

Workout fads come and go, but virtually no other exercise program is as enduring as yoga. It’s been around for more than 5,000 years.

Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It’s


Pilates Is Famous For Sculpting Lean Bodies, but It’s Actually the Ultimate Injury Rehab

Pilates Is Famous For Sculpting Lean Bodies, but It’s Actually the Ultimate Injury Rehab


When you’re injured, recovering from a trauma, or experiencing any kind of pain, your workout is usually the first thing to take a back seat. In most cases, physical therapists and doctors will tell you to pause your running routine, skip Spin class, ditch the boot camps, and cool it with exercise — except Pilates. Andrea Speir, founder and master trainer at SPEIR Pilates, knows this firsthand.

“The aesthetic side of Pilates — wanting to look a certain way — came […]

Yoga for anxiety: Even 10 minutes of daily practice can help transform your life

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Earlier this year, Harvard Medical School published an updated reflection on Yoga for Anxiety and Depression. It was noted that nearly 8 percent of American adults had “tried yoga at least once” and around 4 percent had practiced yoga in the last year. Most importantly however, the report summarized studies that focus on how yoga modulates our pain/stress response systems. This is a good thing. Because “the scientific study of yoga demonstrates that mental and physical health are not just closely allied, but are essentially equivalent.”

In conversations with individuals who struggle […]

Adhesive Capsulitis

Adhesive Capsulitis

Adhesive Capsulitis a.k.a ‘Frozen Shoulder’ is a condition that effects the health and agility of the shoulder joint. The symptoms include stiffening of the joint, decreased range of motion, searing pain, loss of shoulder function, postural issues and loss of sleep. There are many theories but no known causes for the disorder. 2% of the population seems to be affected and most are women between the ages of 40-60. There are many medical treatments, most of which seem costly and ineffective. The condition seems to mysteriously disappear after 2-3 years, however, there are often residual effects. I, […]