Gardening Tips for Avoiding Back Pain | Balance Massage & Fitness

Helpful tips from Balance Massage and Fitness to help prevent injuries while gardening.

Gardening Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

Spring is here and summer is near, its the perfect time for gardening! Join us this Saturday for the morning Mat Pilates class at 10am where Lindsay will incorporate exercises to enhance your gardening skills and give tips for preventing injuries. Balance Massage & Fitness is located in Hillsboro, Oregon, just outside of Portland.

Gardening is usually one of the first activities of the season where we subject ourselves to sudden bursts of activity and really put our backs […]

Reform Your Form

I’m lying on a sliding plank, my legs are lost somewhere above my head and my feet are hooked into pulleyed straps. This is no naughty game; this is Pilates on the reformer.

During World War One, a German man named Joseph Pilates, interned as an “enemy alien” in England, was rigging hospital beds with springs in the name of fitness.

Pilates, founder of the exercise system of the same name, was creating a means for bedridden patients to participate in his fitness regime. By attaching springs to the beds, Pilates gave these patients the ability to work against […]