Balance Therapeutic Massage and Core Fitness Studio acknowledges the differences between therapeutic massage and relaxation massage. Depending on your goals, both are very beneficial. Our philosophy is to integrate the two types of therapy to optimize the overall effects of your massage and help you find your balance.
Therapeutic Massage
Stress, tension, and pain often lodge themselves in one’s body. Using a series of strokes, pressure, and kneading, a massage therapist relaxes muscle tension, relieves pain, tones the body, and stimulates release of toxins. Although therapeutic massage focuses primarily on the surface muscles, it can also stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system.
Pregnancy Massage
Prenatal Massage is a form of therapeutic bodywork that is geared to meet the unique needs of the pregnant woman. Promoting better function of muscles and joints, prental massage also improves circulation and overall body tone. Additionally, prenatal massage decreases mental and physical fatigue as well.

We have massage therapists available Monday through Saturday. Please call to schedule an appointment.