pilates for physical therapyPilates is used in Leading Rehabilitation Hospitals and Physical Therapy Clinics Throughout the Country

Pilates was traditionally used by dancers for rehabilitation from injuries as far back as the 1920s. Subsequently, it was discovered by the orthopedic/physical therapy community and is now used in leading rehabilitation hospitals and physical therapy clinics throughout the country. Based on the latest research in injury rehabilitation, through therapeutic Pilates you will learn:

  • Spinal and joint stabilization
  • Optimal biomechanics promoting healing and injury prevention
  • Improved proprioception and awareness

Healing Through Movement

Back and joint pain sufferers often experience a Catch-22—movement is essential to healing, but movement hurts; it is easy to get stuck in a pain fear-of-movement cycle. In your Pilates session you will learn gentle safe movements that can break the cycle, help you recover and prevent future re-injury.

Individualized Therapeutic Programs

Your everyday life movement patterns will be analyzed and a program addressing your needs will be developed.  You can choose between a home program or a program using the equipment at the studio. The programs are designed to fit with your lifestyle and time constraints.  I often tell my busy clients that even 5 minutes a day with focus and intention is beneficial. You will learn both the body mechanics and the intention (the “how to” and the “why”) of each prescribed exercise. Awareness and understanding of what your body needs empowers you to take responsibility for your own healing process.

Be empowered by actively participating in
your own healing process!