Reasons to Get a Massage the Week after the Marathon

With the Portland Marathon happening this coming weekend, we’d like to highlight a few reasons why you runner’s should schedule your massage appointments.

  1. Soreness: Delayed onset muscle soreness kicks in after you have completed a challenging workout. And there is no workout quite like running 26 miles. Runners can expect to be sore beginning 24-48 hours after completing the marathon. Massage has been shown to decrease the amount of pain you can expect that first week after the race.
  2. Swelling: Running a marathon is pretty traumatic for the human body. Inflammation and swelling is very common. A thorough circulation-focused massage can really help to flush out your system and get rid of the metabolic waste.
  3. Massage therapy after running a marathonStretching: Chances are that the first week after the marathon you are doing very little physical activity. Instead, you can lay back and let the massage therapist do it for you. A massage therapist can warm up your muscles with massage and then spend time stretching you out. A massage therapist can obviously stretch your hamstrings and quads, but did you know that they can also stretch out your low back, calves, plantar fascia, and hip flexors?
  4. Promote Healing: A massage can help promote healthy healing for your soft tissue. After a workout of this magnitude, your body is probably suffering from minor strains and micro-tearing of muscle tissue. Massage therapy can help your body heal in a natural healthy way.
  5. Overuse Injuries: Chances are pretty good that after training for a marathon you have some overuse or nagging injury. Maybe you have a little knee pain from a tight ITB, or maybe you have a little back pain from some chronically tight hamstrings or hip flexors. A massage therapist can assess these issues as well as help treat them. Massage therapists do not diagnose injuries, but we can assess the tissue and try to give you relief.
  6. Education: A massage therapist can help recommend stretches and exercises that might help you recover more quickly. There are many self-treatment techniques a massage therapist can teach you to do at home or at the gym.
  7. Future Treatment: A massage therapist who has experience with runners can be a great resource to guide your future training and treatment. We can give you pointers and tell you what to be on the look out for with your body. When you are training for a race, you want to be preventing injury, not trying to recover from an injury.
  8. Special Reward: If you have ever deserved the reward of a full body massage–this is it! You have been making sacrifices for months now to achieve your goal of running a marathon. You have earned this massage and we look forward to pampering you.