Katherine Brown
Katherine Brown is a Certified STOTT Pilates® Instructor Trainer in Matwork and Reformer, as well as a Fully-Certified STOTT Pilates® Instructor (all equipment, all levels). She has over nine years experience teaching group classes and private clients of all backgrounds and abilities.

Katherine came to Pilates through her career in classical Ballet, during which she used regular Pilates practice to prevent injury. She was fascinated by the Pilates method’s emphasis on biomechanics as a way of breaking down and understanding our movement patterns in order to create a more functional, integrated body. She is passionate about using Pilates to help others become more in touch with their own bodies and encourage efficient, healthy patterns of moving and living. She loves seeing that “aha moment” when a client finds their ideal alignment for the first time!

Katherine completed the various stages of her Pilates education first at Pacific Northwest Pilates in Portland, and then later at Active Pilates in Oxford, England and the Central YMCA Pilates Academy in London, England, and finally at the STOTT Pilates® Head Office in Toronto, Canada. She also holds certifications in Total Barre™ and Zen•Ga™ (Mat and Equipment).

Katherine believes the principles of Pilates are with her wherever she goes, not just in the studio, but even when she’s taking a long walk in her local park, sipping an espresso at her favorite café or snuggling up for a movie with her husband