When You Should Eat Before Yoga

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Bending and twisting into yoga poses can be uncomfortable—and even nauseating—with a big meal sloshing around in your belly (never mind the fact that it ups your chances of passing gas during your session). But that doesn’t mean you need to come to the mat with a completely empty stomach. You’ll want to go to class with a good amount of energy and without the distraction of hunger. 

As with most things yoga related, you know your body best and should let it lead the way. With just a little bit of planning, and some trial […]

Yoga Transitions: How Each Pose Prepares You for the Next One

By Laura Williams, MSEd, ASCM-CEP | Featured on Verywellfit

Yoga sequencing can seem like a bit of a mystery. Sure, there are some pretty common flows, such as the standard sun salutation, but no two classes are ever exactly alike, which begs the question, “How do yoga teachers know how to string individual poses together to create seamless arrangements? How do they know when, where, and how to transition between poses?”


Power Yoga History and Health Benefits

By Ann Pizer | Article Featured on Verywellfit

Power yoga is a general term used to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. Though many consider power yoga to be superficial “gym yoga,” this style of yoga practice was originally closely modeled on the Ashtanga method.


An Overview of the Yoga Lifestyle

By Ann Pizer | Featured on Verywellfit

You may have started doing yoga just to get a good workout, but it’s not unusual to discover that the time you are spending on your mat is infusing the rest of your lifestyle choices. If you find yourself lusting after technical fabrics and road tripping to yoga festivals, or your bookshelf is filling up with yoga classics, you’re seeing the yoga effect in action. Here’s your guide to pulling together yoga, life, and style.


Most Popular Types of Yoga Explained

By Ann Pizer | Article Featured on Verywellfit

One of the biggest hurdles to starting yoga is figuring out what style of yoga you want to try. It’s often confusing for beginners because the class names and options are so broad. While almost all styles use the same physical postures, each has a particular emphasis. This cheat sheet highlights the differences so you can determine which type is most appealing to you.


Yoga Adaptations and Props for Wrist Pain

By Ann Pizer | Article Featured on Verywellfit

Many yoga poses, such as plank and chaturanga, rely on putting weight on your wrists. This can be quite difficult and painful if you have a condition like osteoarthritis or are dealing with a wrist injury.


What to Do When Yoga Makes You Sore

With low-impact movements, stretches, and periods of rest and mindfulness, yoga appears on the surface to be an easy and gentle exercise. However, many people are surprised to experience pain or discomfort during or after a yoga class.


How Senior Citizens Can Enjoy Yoga in Their Golden Years

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One of the great things about yoga is that it is so adaptable to different populations with diverse physical abilities and needs. Though the popular image of yoga may be a young person twisted up like a pretzel with apparent ease, those who are older and less flexible can enjoy a yoga practice just as much and potentially benefit from it even more.


Learn Yoga Techniques to Treat or Ease Insomnia

By Ann Pizer | Article Featured on Verywellfit

If you have a hard time getting to sleep at night, incorporating yoga into your life can help, especially if your insomnia is stress-related. Yoga has proven to be a great stress buster and can offer you relaxation techniques, including breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga nidra is a deep relaxation methodology that can be particularly helpful for people who have trouble sleeping.


The 10 Best Yoga Poses for Flexibility: Asanas to Make You More Flexible

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The latest statistics show that improving flexibility is the most popular reason for starting yoga, and research does prove that it’s one of the biggest benefits of regular practice.

However there are a number of asanas that can help to make you more flexible than the rest. Here are our top 10 yoga poses for improving flexibility:

1.Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Standing Forward Bend is top of the list of yoga poses for flexibility.

Dean of the Kripalu School of Yoga, Cristie Newhart describes how alignment is key to the pose and how:

“The support of the abdominal […]