Get to know the Balance Family - Lisa Bourlon

Many years ago I had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident. I was rear-ended while stopped at an intersection, and as a result I suffered from a concussion and severe whiplash, which caused me to experience constant headaches and a loss of sensation in three fingers of my left hand. I underwent extensive therapy for my injuries, and part of the treatment plan my doctor advised was therapeutic massage twice per week. The changes in my body were truly incredible! I really feel that these massage therapy treatments were what carried me through the coming months […]

Get to Know the Balance Family - Emily Keane

I was never the kind of kid that was into sports. Even in school, I shied away from the competitive, attending a high school that had neither a real gym class (the only one offered was vaguely titled “Something Physical”) nor even a gymnasium (we had a “Multi-Purpose Room” whose basketball hoops were used more often to hang tie-dyed art projects than for athletics). Despite this, I always loved being physical, and danced, walked and hiked constantly. It was on a whim that I tried Pilates, a class offered at my dance studio that I knew absolutely nothing about. […]

Get to know the Balance family - Amy Edmonson

Get to know the Balance family – Amy Edmonson In late 2007 I began experiencing pain in my back. I had just been through a very stressful time in my life, so I assumed the pain was linked to that, and it would go away within a week. Unfortunately, I was quite mistaken. By February of 2008 the pain had progressed to my neck, arms and legs. It also wasn’t just annoying aches or twinges, but a deep, exhausting pain that was starting to completely change my life. I couldn’t reach my arms above my head to retrieve a […]