How to Heal From Diastasis Recti

By Ruben Castaneda and K. Aleisha Fetters | Article Featured on US News

MAINTAINING A STRONG core is important for both men and women. Keeping a healthy core is particularly challenging for women who’ve gone through a pregnancy and experienced diastasis recti, also known as abdominal separation.


7 Benefits of Post-Natal Pilates

Balance Massage + Fitness offers a Mommy & Me Pilates class specifically designed for new mothers. Plus, there’s no need to worry about finding child care for this class, infants are welcome! Read on to learn more about the amazing benefits of post-natal Pilates!


12 Tips and Modifications for Yoga While Pregnant

Article Written by Julia Dellitt | Featured on

How to alter your yoga practice for a safe and fit pregnancy.


New Research Confirms Exercise During Pregnancy Can Be Both Safe and Beneficial

Article Found on CTVNews

A new Spanish study is encouraging women to exercise during pregnancy, after finding that working out can have clear advantages for both mother and baby.

Although there has previously been some doubts over whether women can safely work out while pregnant, the new study hopes to ease any concerns after reviewing previous studies and meta-analyses which together looked at thousands of women.


Working Out While Pregnant: A Pro Answers Your Toughest Questions

Article by Andrea Speir | Found on Chalkboard Mag

NEW MAMAS HAVE questions. Lots of them — and pilates pro, Andrea Speir, has answers for a few of our toughest fitness Qs. A bun in the oven hasn’t stopped Andrea from maintaining a commitment to fitness (and an aspirational bod to boot), and we have to say we’re impressed.

We’ve asked he about how she lives well — and stays in shape — with a baby on board, and her uber-approachable answers about working out while pregnant are just what the doctor ordered…


Planning for a Safe Pregnancy

By Stacey Colino | Article Featured on US News

Whether you’re planning to get pregnant or already are, the headlines about the Zika virus and the government’s new zero-alcohol recommendation may have you wondering about how best to keep your baby (and yourself) safe. Beyond the basics – taking prenatal vitamins, managing stress and limiting caffeine – what do you need to do these days to have the healthiest possible pregnancy?