How to Heal From Diastasis Recti

By Ruben Castaneda and K. Aleisha Fetters | Article Featured on US News

MAINTAINING A STRONG core is important for both men and women. Keeping a healthy core is particularly challenging for women who’ve gone through a pregnancy and experienced diastasis recti, also known as abdominal separation.


Understanding Pilates as a Complete System

By Alycea Ungaro, PT, MS | Article Featured on Verywellfit

Have you done pilates? If so, what kind? Was it a group class? Did you do the mat, reformer, or some other apparatus entirely? Although Pilates is everywhere these days, many of the parts have gone missing. And unless you’ve done it all and done it in a carefully constructed workout, you’re missing out on the most important identifying element of the method: the idea and practice of pilates as a complete system.


7 Benefits of Post-Natal Pilates

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12 Tips and Modifications for Yoga While Pregnant

Article Written by Julia Dellitt | Featured on

How to alter your yoga practice for a safe and fit pregnancy.


Planning for a Safe Pregnancy

By Stacey Colino | Article Featured on US News

Whether you’re planning to get pregnant or already are, the headlines about the Zika virus and the government’s new zero-alcohol recommendation may have you wondering about how best to keep your baby (and yourself) safe. Beyond the basics – taking prenatal vitamins, managing stress and limiting caffeine – what do you need to do these days to have the healthiest possible pregnancy?


The Dreaded Diastasis & How Pilates Can Help

How to cinch your abs back with Pilates after pregnancy.

by Andrea Speir | Featured on Pilates Style

I think we will all agree that diastasis is a scary-sounding word. Learning what it actually is might be even more overwhelming. The thing is, though, it’s so common and manageable, and there are exercises that can help knit the situation back together, so to speak.

So here’s what we’re looking at: Diastasis recti is when the rectus abdominals separate into right and left halves. This condition is common in pregnant women because the abdominals stretch as the uterus grows. Diastasis […]

Moving Moms Build Lifelong Exercise Habits

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by Holly Fergason | Featured on Pilates Style Pregnancy is such an exciting time filled with preparations—from putting together cribs to stocking up on onesies. During pregnancy, women focus on eating the right food, getting adequate vitamins and staying away from harmful chemicals, caffeine and alcohol, which are all very important lifestyle changes.


Pilates & Pregnancy in the First Trimester

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Article Featured on Live Strong

Pilates is a form of exercise that helps to restore correct postural alignment, release tension and develop suppleness and strength. Pilates exercises comprise controlled movements and positions that help you develop strong core muscles in the pelvic floor, abdomen and lower back, while deep and rhythmic breathing techniques enhance concentration and promote a sense of well-being. Pilates offers health benefits that are especially important during pregnancy, labor and the […]

Postpartum Pilates

As a result of pregnancy, your center of gravity has moved forward and muscles have tightened or loosened accordingly. Added weight has put pressure on your knees, ankles and feet. You’ve overused the large muscles of the arms and legs to avoid relying on the deepest core and accessory muscles that have been “busy” supporting the baby weight. You now need abdominal muscles to help balance out your back and remove that tension. Enter Pilates.

This four-week program begins after you have been cleared by your doctor, and when you’ve decided it’s your time to get your pre-baby body […]

Pilates Exercises During Pregnancy

Trimester-specific Pilates workouts that will keep you limber and strong for pregnancy and new motherhood.

Miraculous changes happen to your body in each trimester of your pregnancy — but each phase presents new challenges, too. A custom Pilates workout plan like this one, designed exclusively for Fit Pregnancy by Jennifer Gianni, creator of the Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy DVD series and the Fit Pregnancy: Get Your Body Back After Baby DVD, will help you stay fit and feel comfortable at every stage of your baby’s growth.

“Pilates has the perfect recipe to keep you in shape throughout every trimester,” […]