Pilates for Knee Pain

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I’ve been on a knee strengthening kick lately with my Pilates workouts, cardio fitness activities, and weight training program, all because I took a hard fall inline skating with my puppy a few weeks ago.  So I’ve really been trying to pay attention to my habits and here’s what I’ve discovered and how I’ve been compensating because of knee pain.


5 Must-Do Pilates Moves for a Great Butt

By Marguerite Ogle | Featured on VeryWillFit

In Pilates, there are many butt exercises that lift, tone, and sculpt your backside, but they do so much more. As with most Pilates exercises, these affect more than just one part of the body. You will also be working on the rest of your core strength, including the backs of your legs, abdominal muscles, and back.

The best thing about these butt exercises is that you can do them at home. There’s no need for a reformer or other equipment; it’s just you and your mat. They’re fantastic additions to your home workout routine and […]

12 Pilates Exercises That Really Work Your Core

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Strengthening your core is one of the best things you can do for your overall fitness. A strong core—which includes your abs, obliques, and lower back muscles—helps keep your body balanced and stable, lets you maintain proper posture and exercise form, keeps your spine stable and safe, and overall, helps you move in a more controlled and efficient way. There are tons of ways to work your core (check out some great ideas here) but adding Pilates moves into your routine is a great way to engage your core muscles in a new […]

Do You Need a Recovery Period After Pilates?

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If you regularly weight train, you know that you need about 48 hours between workouts for your muscles to recover and repair. Pilates, a mind-body exercise system that focuses on the core musculature of the trunk, is different, however. Although it offers moderate resistance training, you can do Pilates training daily, without leaving a recovery period.


5 Ways Pilates Can Help Your Brain

5 Ways Pilates Can Help Your Brain

Article Featured on AARP

If you think of Pilates as exercise for your physical core — that prime stretch of real estate between your rib cage and your pelvis — you are not wrong. But there are reasons to think these popular workouts might do some good for your mental core, as well.


Where Pilates and Physical Therapy Meet

An Interview with Dr. Brent Anderson of Polestar Pilates

By Marguerite Ogle | Featured on Very Well

Typically, when we think of physical rehabilitation we think of physical therapy. However, with the exceptional rise in the popularity of Pilates over the past ten years, awareness of its rehabilitative effects has increased. Doctors recommend Pilates to their clients with foot, knee, back, shoulder, neck pain and more. Physical therapists are integrating Pilates equipment and exercises into their practices, and many are trained as Pilates instructors as well.


5 Core Exercises That Are Better Than Regular Planks

By K. Aleisha Fetters | Article Featured on US News

Planks are great, but they aren’t the be-all and end-all of core training. After all, most people tend to just “hang” in them – which completely sells their results short. And, even when performed properly, planks only work one section of your core muscles – and only in one specific position.


Mental Health and Pilates

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Approximately one in five adults in the U.S. experiences mental discord in a given year. Approximately one in 25 experiences a serious mental illness in a given year. (That’s 10 million people.) And 6.9 percent of adults had at least one major depressive episode in the past year. Meanwhile,18.1 percent experienced an anxiety disorder, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or attention disorder.


Best Pilates Exercises For Love Handles

Article Featured on Pilates Online Academy

This is a short workout for the side waist that will help you to strengthen your oblique muscles (diagonal muscles in your stomach) and also help to get rid of love handles or muffin top.

Always consult your doctor before you start doing any sort of exercises.

Listen to your body. Remember about your T-zone – extremely important.


Pilates and Parkinson’s

Article By Sarah Sessa, BSc, MCSP, MHCPC & Karen Pearce | Featured on Pilates.com

Introduction There has been increasing scientific evidence to show that exercise can be of benefit for people with Parkinson’s, with regimes that involve complex motor sequencing (Keus et al 2014), the process by which movements are broken down into separate components and practiced in order to internalise the pattern (Di Lorenzo 2011). Anecdotal evidence also supports the use of posture-rich regimes such as Pilates (Parkinson’s UK 2013). Pilates instructors are updating their qualifications and specialising in rehabilitation, including Parkinson’s, as this exciting evidence emerges (Hudson […]