Forming This New Habit Will Help Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet: A Life Coach Explains

Article by Sheryl Melanson | Found on MindBodyGreen

As we head into the shorter days and darker months of winter, many of us feel a pull to turn inward. Solitude and rest naturally replace some of the big, outward-facing actions of spring, summer, and fall. Moving more slowly and deliberately allows us time to reflect in the colder weather. As a health coach and life coach, I’m glad for this.

Distractions have become a part of our lifestyles.

We each spend a lot of time doing, achieving, and excelling, with little time left for just being. Our culture more or […]

Mindfulness For People Who Think They Can't Meditate

By Kaia Roman | Found on MindBodyGreen

For much of my life, I battled an internal engine that churned a steady stream of negative thoughts. I looked for relief in every way imaginable and often read that meditation held a powerful key to my true happiness. But every time I sat in lotus position and tried to clear my mind of thoughts


Get Better Quality Sleep With Daily Yoga and Meditation

Article by David Gutierrez | Found on

Do you have trouble sleeping, or do you sleep poorly? You might go a long way to fixing these problems simply by implementing a daily yoga and meditation practice.

Trouble sleeping or poor sleep can be caused by many lifestyle factors, which are the first thing that should be addressed. For example, consumption of alcohol or caffeine, or use of back-lit screens (such as TVs, computers or smartphones) too close to bedtime causes physiological changes that make sleep more difficult.


6 Emotional Wellness Tips That'll Help You Age Well

Article Found on Chalkboard Mag

ACCORDING BOTH TO SCIENCE and general life experience, getting intentional about emotional wellness is key to living longer, looking younger and feeling our absolute best.

This month’s Guest Editor, Dr. Sara Gottfried has been schooling us in her holistic approach to anti-aging for weeks — from healing nerves we’ve never heard of to collecting tools to combat rapid aging. Below, we’re learning a few fun ways to amp up our emotional wellness, and finding out why it’s important that we do. Grab a girlfriend, take a diaphragmatic breath and let’s get to work…

There’s a benefit to aging well emotionally. […]

4 Things You Can Do This Week to Be a Happier Person

Article by Tiffany Ayuda | Found on

There’s more to leading a healthy lifestyle than following an eating and exercise plan. Finding happiness in your everyday life can also make a positive impact on your overall health. According to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, happiness has a positive effect in lowering cortisol levels, the stress hormone that is related to health conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and autoimmune diseases. But if you aren’t feeling that happy on a daily basis, what can be done to change that?

Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times […]

Just 10 Minutes of Meditation Boosts Mood and Focus for People With Anxiety

Article by Amanda MacMillan | Found on

People who suffer from anxiety are often plagued by repetitive thoughts, which can distract from the task at hand and affect mood and productivity. But a new study suggests that just 10 minutes of daily meditation can help reduce episodes of mind wandering, especially for people who report high levels of emotional stress.

Previous research has found that meditation can help prevent “off-task thinking” in healthy individuals, but this study, published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition, aimed to determine the benefits of mindfulness specifically as they relate to anxiety.

Here’s What Happens To Your Brain When You Meditate

Article by Gretchen Lidicker | Found on MindBodyGreen

If you’re a seasoned meditator, you may wholeheartedly insist that your practice has transformed your thinking and your brain. And if you’ve never meditated before—or are a bit of a skeptic—you might wholeheartedly doubt that that could possibly be true. Either way, it’s natural (not to mention a good thing) to want to know more about what’s happening in your brain and body.

Wherever you are on your meditation journey, don’t worry, because science has you covered. Researchers are right there with you, trying to prove (and disprove) the powers of meditation and […]

Mindfulness Training Cools Inflammation, Study Shows

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There’s evidence that mindfulness meditation can improve how we age and even fight disease. Yet, little is known about the brain changes behind the effects.

A new study may offer clues. The results suggest this type of meditation lowers levels of interleukin-6, which is involved in inflammation.

“We’ve now seen that mindfulness meditation training can reduce inflammatory biomarkers in several initial studies, and this new work sheds light into what mindfulness training is doing to the brain to produce these inflammatory health benefits,” says David Creswell, associate professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University.


News Stressing You Out? Try Mindfulness Meditation

Article by Cody Fenwick | Found on

Reading the news can be a stressful ordeal: Deaths, wars and political turmoil fill the pages of the press, even when we live in relatively peaceful times. But it’s important to stay informed, even if it makes us anxious.

How do you find a balance between keeping up-to-date and staying calm? New studies point to benefits of “mindfulness,” an increasingly popular form of anxiety-reduction habits and practices that get people to focus on the present moment, warding off future- and past-directed stressors.


How Meditation Helps You Handle Stress Better

Article by Mandy Oaklander | Found on

Stress is a modern mental bogeyman, keeping nearly half of Americans up at night, according to a recent survey from the American Psychological Association. Many say they don’t do anything to combat it, yet it takes a toll; stress is linked to a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

Now, there’s fresh evidence in favor of mindfulness practices—not just sitting cross-legged in meditation—to help ease stress and anxiety. In a new study published in the journal Psychiatry Research, anxious people who took a mindfulness course where they learned several different strategies […]