12-Minute Core Strength Sequence (for Real People)

Article by SAGE ROUNTREE | Featured on Yoga Journal

Doable core strengtheners for those of us who don’t have all day to hit the gym? Sign us up! Sage Rountree shares a simple sequence to practice.

Core strength a beautiful thing—but not for aesthetic, Instagram-worthy reasons. It’s about having the control and support to engage in whatever you like to do (run along the local trail, play tennis, build furniture) without strain or injury. It’s not about what’s on the outside, padding and all; it’s about building strength on the inside, through the belly, side waist, glutes, and back.

I know, I know. […]

How Pilates Works to Get You in Great Shape

Article by Marguerite Ogle | Found on VeryWell

To get in shape with Pilates is to take responsibility for your total health. Far from just physical fitness, the Pilates system was defined by its founder Joseph Pilates, a complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. Yes, you can expect tone, strength, flexibility and flat abs of course. You can even lose weight with Pilates but the primary goal and intention of the method is much bigger.

 Before you jump into a class or one on one training session, you should understand some of the underlying concepts and principles of Pilates. ​


7 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Do Plank Every Day

Article by Szabo Laszlo | Found on LifeHack.org

Bodyweight exercises are gaining ground in the fitness world due to the practicality and simplicity of getting in shape using your own body weight. Planks are one form of bodyweight exercises that will never go out of fashion. Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do. Why? Because they require a small time investment on your part, and offer the chance to achieve substantial results in a relatively short span of time.


9 Steps to Take If You Want to Start Working Out for the First Time

Article Found on Self.com

If you’re thinking about getting on that workout grind for the very first time ever, congratulations—from taking care of your mental health to getting better sleep to keeping your heart healthy, there are a ton of reasons to make working out a part of your life. We also know that getting started can be incredibly overwhelming—it feels like there’s a whole world of fitness out there that you’ve never really explored. How do you take that first step in?


Tips to Maintain Good Posture

We often hear that good posture is essential for good health. We recognize poor posture when we see it formed as a result of bad habits carried out over years and evident in many adults. But only few people have a real grasp of the importance and necessity of good posture.


5 Core Exercises That Are Better Than Regular Planks

By K. Aleisha Fetters | Article Featured on US News

Planks are great, but they aren’t the be-all and end-all of core training. After all, most people tend to just “hang” in them – which completely sells their results short. And, even when performed properly, planks only work one section of your core muscles – and only in one specific position.


Roller Rx

By Lauren Roxburgh • Edited by Amanda Altman | Article & Images Featured on Pilates Style

I first came across the foam roller when I was working as a personal trainer in Los Angeles back in 2000, but it wasn’t until a year later, when I decided to expand my education with a certification in classical Pilates, that I recognized its potential. I quickly realized it was the perfect way to get a Pilates-based workout when I didn’t have access to the equipment—it was love at first roll.


How Long Does It Really Take to See Fitness Results?

By K. Aleisha Fetters | Contributor | Article Featured on US News

Spring is in the air. And, with it, the perennial dash to lose weight, firm up and get in shape for summer, beach season … you know the drill.

But how quickly can you honestly expect to see your dieting and exercising pay off? And, more importantly, how quickly is actually healthy?

The Downside of Fast Results

In a perfect world, weight loss or, more specifically, fat loss, would be instantaneous. But that’s not how the human body works. Instead, everything from your hormones to neurologic system […]

The Dreaded Diastasis & How Pilates Can Help

How to cinch your abs back with Pilates after pregnancy.

by Andrea Speir | Featured on Pilates Style

I think we will all agree that diastasis is a scary-sounding word. Learning what it actually is might be even more overwhelming. The thing is, though, it’s so common and manageable, and there are exercises that can help knit the situation back together, so to speak.

So here’s what we’re looking at: Diastasis recti is when the rectus abdominals separate into right and left halves. This condition is common in pregnant women because the abdominals stretch as the uterus grows. Diastasis […]

The Benefits of Functional Core Training

By Fara Rosenzweig | Article Featured on Active.com

The word “core” is thrown around in various ways in the fitness world. Some think the core is a sleek six pack, when in fact the abdominals are only a fraction of your core muscles. While core work does help produce toned abdominal muscles, core exercises include a lot more than just crunches.

Functional core training is about power, strength and stabilization. Core muscles create a solid base for your body, allowing you to stay upright and stand strong on your two feet.

Core work allows you to stabilize your spine, […]