6 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Sure, it can help you relax. But massage therapy can do much more than that. Here are six healthy reasons to book an appointment 1) It counteracts all that sitting you do

“Most individuals are dealing with some kind of postural stress,” says Aaron Tanason, registered massage therapist, kinesiologist and owner at Paleolife Massage Therapy in Toronto. “More often than not [that stress] tends to manifest in the shoulders and neck.”

Desk workers, beware. More advanced


Massage Therapy for Stress Relief and Much More

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Few sensual experiences rival a full-body massage for pleasure and stress relief — at least among those things you can talk about in front of the children at the dinner table. Word on the health benefits of massage therapy for stress relief has spread. In 2006, 39 million Americans — one in six adults — had at least one massage, according to a nationwide survey by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

“Americans are looking to massage for much more than just relaxation,” says Mary Beth Braun, President of the AMTA. “Massage therapy […]

8 Yoga Poses to Relieve Lower Back Pain

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A little gentle stretching can make a big impact.

Brianne Wills

The lower back is a sensitive spot for many people. While there can be a ton of causes of lower back pain, a weak core and poor posture from sitting all day (and consequently shortening the hip muscles that then pull on the lower back) are two really common contributing factors to lower back aches and discomfort. It’s always important to figure out what’s causing pain so you can address it and prevent it from happening again. But in most situations, doing some gentle yoga can help […]

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Flexibility

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Gaining flexibility is easy. At least that’s what I told myself when I set out to touch my toes at age 22, after four long years of college spent running, using the elliptical, and biking all over campus. I had aches and pains in my legs and back, so I decided it was time to loosen up my muscles and joints. No big deal.

But after three months of stretching every morning, my body was more rigid than ever, and my back had developed unfamiliar twitches and aches. It was only […]

Tips to Maintain Good Posture

We often hear that good posture is essential for good health. We recognize poor posture when we see it formed as a result of bad habits carried out over years and evident in many adults. But only few people have a real grasp of the importance and necessity of good posture.


Pilates and Back Pain

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Pilates exercises are commonplace at physical therapy centers, chiropractors are recommending Pilates, and “My back used to hurt all the time and now I don’t feel it anymore” is a phrase we hear a lot from people who do Pilates consistently. So what is it about Pilates that works so well for back pain relief?

What makes Pilates so effective is that it addresses the underlying structural imbalances in the body that lead to back pain.

Issues like lack of core support, pelvic instability, muscular imbalances, poor posture, and lack of body […]

Pilates for Chronic Low Back Pain

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As Pilates instructors, we have all encountered individuals who suffer from back pain. Back pain is ubiquitous – 8/10 people will experience it in their lifetime. It has significant financial costs and is challenging for conventional healthcare to treat.

Pilates is an excellent modality to combat back pain. The slow pace of the exercises, the emphasis on proper breathing and the focus on alignment make Pilates a practice that is both therapeutic and strengthening in design.


To Prevent Back Pain, Orthotics Are Out, Exercise Is In

Article by Gretchen Reynolds | Featured on NY Times

Lower back pain is an almost universal if unwelcome experience. About 80 percent of those of us in the Western world can expect to suffer from disruptive lower back pain at some point in our lives. But if we begin and stick with the right type of exercise program, we might avoid a recurrence, according to a comprehensive new scientific review of back pain prevention.

Lower back pain develops for many reasons, including lifestyle, genetics, ergonomics, sports injuries, snow shoveling or just bad luck. Most often, in […]

10 Ways to Ease Back Pain

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Nearly everyone suffers from some type of back pain at some point in their lives. But no matter when it appears or what may have caused it, back pain can be a real, well… pain, to deal with. The good news? There are simple things you can do to prevent back pain and to keep your back in good condition. And if you’re suffering from a back pain problem, try the following tips and you could be on your way towards feeling better.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep disturbances are common among back pain […]

How Good Posture Can Help Prevent Back Pain

Oh, your aching back! Back pain may be mild or debilitating, chronic or occasional, located in upper back or lower back.

Depending on the cause of your back pain, and the frequency and intensity of your symptoms, treating it can be tricky. Some common treatment options include heat therapy, exercises (such as stretching) and pain relieving medications. Another common treatment for back pain is heat therapy. One of the best approaches to dealing with back pain may be to prevent it from occurring in the first place, or at least lessen the chances. Adjusting your posture may help.

Adjusting […]