Setting an Intention for Your Yoga Practice

Setting an Intention for Your Yoga Practice

By Ann Pizer | Article Featured on Verywellfit

Many yoga teachers, depending on the style of yoga they teach, will invite you to set an intention at the beginning of class or offer one up for the entire class to work with, such as grace, comfort, self-love, forgiveness, compassion, or peace. This can help students have something positive to focus on while doing yoga poses.

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How to Do the Ashtanga Jump Through in Yoga

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By Ann Pizer | Article Featured on Verywellfit

Level: Advanced

The jump through in Ashtanga practice begins in downward dog. You keep your hands planted on the ground and your legs pass under your body and through your arms to arrive directly in a seated position, sometimes with your legs outstretched and sometimes crossed, depending on where you are in the sequence. In the Ashtanga primary series, this transition is repeated many times as it is how you are supposed to arrive in each seated posture, making the flow more seamless and smooth. The basic technique is to bend your knees and cross your ankles while […]

Get Motivated to Exercise When You’re off Track

By Paige Waehner | Article Featured on Verywellfit

It’s easy (and even important, as part of a goal-setting process) to make plans to exercise. It’s the follow-through that sometimes gets people caught up. That’s where motivation comes in. It gives purpose and direction to your behavior, providing the internal push you need to overcome excuses and get started. Unfortunately, sometimes it deserts you right when you need it most.


Yoga keeps the mind and body young, 22 clinical trials show

By Maria Cohut | Featured on MedicalNewsToday

A review analyzing the results of 22 randomized clinical trials has found that yoga practice can improve many aspects of physical and mental health among older adults. Yoga refers to a series of mind-body practices that originate in Hindu tradition. However, they are growing in popularity across the world as an alternative well-being practice.

Statistic show that in 2015 in the United States alone, as many as 36.7 million people practiced yoga, and by 2020, estimates suggest that this number will have increased to over 55 million people.


Can You Boost Metabolism at Breakfast?

By Malia Frey | Article Featured on Verywellfit

Have you heard that eating breakfast can boost metabolism? Are you ready to load up on breakfast foods that help you burn more calories? It might seem logical that eating a meal first thing in the morning gets your metabolism revved up. But researchers who study the importance of breakfast for weight loss don’t necessarily agree. 


12 Tips For Exercising In Summer Heat

BY DANINE FRUGE, MD | Article Featured on Pritikin

A beautiful sunny day is the ultimate motivation to go outside and play, but the summer heat and exercise can be a risky combination. Danine Fruge, MD, Associate Medical Director at Pritikin shares 12 tips for enjoying a safe, summer exercise program.


How to Get Started With Yoga

By Laura Williams, MSEd, ASCM-CEP | Article Featured on Verywellfit

Yoga is a popular exercise that combines breathing, movement, and meditation. Imported to the United States from India over a century ago, yoga has long been praised for its physical and spiritual benefits. 


Learn Pilates and Stop Working Out in One Direction

Article Featured on Verywellfit | By Alycea Ungaro, PT, MS

If you are a cardio junkie or a single activity gym goer you will want the information in this article. Your body needs and deserves a workout that trains all of its possible movement patterns in what is called multi-planar exercise. Pilates is very likely your cardio antidote.


How to Deal With Foot Cramps During Yoga

By Ann Pizer | Article Featured on Verywillfit

You are definitely not alone if you get foot cramps in yoga class. These extremely painful cramps are known to strike especially during poses like pigeon and hero where the foot is tucked under and the top of the foot rests on the floor. Foot cramps can be embarrassing when you have to get out of your pose and walk it off. Learn how to prevent and deal with foot cramps.


11 Common Running Mistakes to Avoid

By Christine Luff | Article Featured on

All runners have made mistakes at some point during their training and racing. In some cases, we repeat the same mistakes over and over again. But, hopefully, we learn from those mistakes and take steps to avoid repeating the same ones in the future. Here are some of the most common running mistakes and how you can avoid running injuries and other issues.