Amy Edmonson
Amy Edmonson is a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor in Mat Level 1 and Reformer Level 1 with completion in the Injuries and Special Populations course work.

Amy was introduced to the benefits of Pilates after her health care provider suggested it hopes that the method would help relieve chronic pain caused by Fibromyalgia. After committing to a consistent Pilates practice, she noticed a reduction in not only the frequency of flare-ups but also the intensity of the pain she was enduring.

Through her own experiences, Amy easily empathizes with others living with chronic pain. She believes Pilates’ strongest asset is the promotion of body awareness. Learning and practicing mind-body connection provides a foundation for understanding biomechanical efficiency and coordination, progressing us from instability and pain to stability and ease of movement.

When Amy is not teaching Pilates, you can find her working in the garden with her husband, cooking, spending time with friends and sipping a good cup of tea.