We wish all users of our studio to have a thoroughly enjoyable, positive experience in their quest for balance and health. We therefore ask that you please take note of these general studio policies. Thank you for your cooperation!

1. All massage appointments and private Pilates sessions must be scheduled in advance. We also encourage scheduling group fitness classes in advance, but drop-ins will be accommodated as space allows.

2. We work with numerous health insurance plans to offer massage and rehabilitative exercise services for those clients dealing with an injury. Most insurance are accepted, please speak with our receptionists to learn more.

3. All new Pilates clients at Balance Massage and Fitness must begin with one private Pilates session with an Instructor, in order to prevent injury and build your training on a solid foundation. This will include a postural analysis and introduction to the basic principles of Stott Pilates so we can evaluate your needs and develop a personalized program for you.

4. To book the initial private session, those new clients who will not be billing health insurance for their session must pay a $65 deposit, which can be applied toward that single session or may be applied toward an introductory package of their choosing (if the package is purchased on or before the day of the initial private session).

5. Core fitness studio clients should wear comfortable exercise clothes but avoid baggy or oversized clothing so Instructors can observe posture and alignment. Wearing socks is optional, but clients may not wear outside shoes in the studio.

6. Cell phones should be turned off in the studio.

7. Please avoid wearing perfumes or scented beauty products, as many people are sensitive to fragrances.

8. Supervised children must remain in the reception area, except in the case of the Pilates Mommies group class.

9. Clients practicing Pilates before pregnancy can safely continue through pregnancy with permission from a doctor. Post-natal clients must receive permission to exercise from their doctor before returning to Pilates.

10. All fitness packages will expire within 6 months from date of purchase.

11. 24-hour advance notice is required to change or cancel an appointment or group class without charge. Appointments may be cancelled by phone, email, online or in person. The time of the cancellation will be noted.

12. In the event an Instructor has to cancel a class, he/she will make every attempt to cancel with at least 24-hour notice. Clients who have scheduled in advance will be notified as soon as possible when a cancellation occurs. Drop-in clients should be advised to check our website for notification of class cancellations.

13. All purchases are fully refundable, for studio credit only.