5 Ways to Make Fitness a Part of Your Summer Vacation

5 Ways to Make Fitness a Part of Your Summer Vacation

By Skye Donovan | Contributor | Featured on US News

Getting away can also give you a chance to switch up your workout.

If you’re lucky enough to go on vacation this summer, you don’t have to sacrifice your fitness. In fact, including exercise in your plans can enhance the trip and challenge your body. Here are five ways to integrate fitness into your summer plans so you can have fun and stay fit at the same time:

1. Try a completely new sport.

Have you always wanted to try stand-up paddle boarding or snuba? The former is good for your core and balance; the latter – a sort of cross between scuba diving and snorkeling – can get your heart and legs pumping in the water. Summer vacation is the perfect opportunity to try one of them or something else new, since you probably have more time to devote to lessons or practicing the sport. It’s also a great way to meet new people and create new memories and photo opportunities.

2. Tour a new location using people power.

Traveling usually includes planes, trains and automobiles, but why not try walking or biking to explore a new destination? Sure, you may not get to cover as much ground, but you will likely experience this new place in more detail. Plenty of exciting locations offer walk and run tours, many of which include a personal guide and a sampling of local food and drink at the end. Recently, I kayaked through Houston; it was great fun and I saw a part of the city I wouldn’t have by car or bus. My views of the bridges were fascinating, and the experience spurred a great conversation about engineering with my 9-year-old son.

3. Select a destination based on fitness.

Plan a vacation location that has a built-in fitness component. Plenty of all-inclusive packages include activity clinics with knowledgeable coaches and instructors who can assist you. If that’s too contrived, try renting a house located on a bike path or along the water so you can enjoy open water swims. You could also travel to participate in a race or a special sporting event. A dear friend of mine had always wanted to run the Zermatt Marathon in Switzerland, so she recently combined that goal with a trip to Paris to see a UEFA soccer match to appease her husband and son. It was a win-win.

4. Make it a family affair.

This year, each member of my family chose five activities he or she wanted the group to do this summer. The choices ranged from hiking a trail an hour from our home to playing paddle ball on the beach. We had a good time trying to come up with new activities and, with a plan in place, we were less likely to skip our workout. By setting the expectation that it was part of our vacation, we looked forward to these events. We even competed to see who could take the most steps during our vacation, which definitely led to some hilarity in the airport terminal! No matter what type of activity your family chooses, make sure everyone can and wants to participate. It can be as simple as doing yoga poses or taking a stroll on the beach.

5. Act like a kid.

Remember how much you waited for summer vacation when you were young? Odds are, you have some of your best memories of, say, catching fireflies and watching sunsets from those fun times. It’s also a time to reconnect with friends and family, stay at the pool until closing and enjoy picnics outside. Try to recapture some of those childhood memories of playing until dark. Skip stones in a nearby lake or call some friends and plan an adult softball game. Summer is short, so enjoy it while you can.

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